Thomas Emil Widmer

Thomas Emil Widmer

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Thomas Emil Widmer was born November 19, 1933 in Louisville, KY where he grew up before moving to Kirkwood, MO.  He graduated from Kirkwood High School in 1951.  He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Technical Institute and a Master’s degree from Northwestern University in mechanical engineering. Tom met Mary Wooding Dorey in Washington, DC where they later married in 1961. Tom worked as an engineer for over thirty years at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis.  He was an avid golfer, and also designed and built custom golf clubs.

Tom and Mary have been living in the same house in St. Louis since 1965. They have many friends in the area, and have enjoyed golf, bridge and other activities over the years.  After the kids were grown, Tom and Mary became members of Friendship Force International, a club that introduced them to people from many countries and cultures around the world, some of which developed into lasting friendships.

In his last years, Tom’s physical health declined and he suffered from memory and cognitive issues.  Through it all he did everything he could to keep traveling and stay involved in life.  He and Mary became even closer in these last years, especially as she became his primary caregiver.

Tom passed away peacefully on August 6, 2017 in St. Louis.  His immediate family, including his wife Mary, and children (and children in-law) Amy (Theo), Keith and Lory (Lisa), were present with him during his last days.

The memorial service is Saturday, August 12 at 1:00 pm at Eliot Unitarian Chapel, 100 S Taylor Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63122.

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  1. Melissa & Kebo says:

    My condolences. May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, especially during this difficult time.

  2. Paula Widmer says:

    Thanks, Amy, for sending your Dad’s public memorial tribute to me.

    I read it with both a smile & with rue.

    I rue that I didn’t take a more active role in my loyal Cousin Tom’s efforts to stay in touch with my all-over-the-place life. I smile to think of how attuned I have always felt with this cousin’s & your Mom’s interests, outlook, & values. Tom always provided me with a very comfortable personal experience.

    Pleasing memories: going out for dinner together, while traveling through St. Louis, at an Ethiopian restaurant frequented by Ethiopian cab drivers;
    comparing interactions & learnings involving our respective international friends; welcoming all 5 of you to our humble Maine country home following your-all’s harrowing experience of a car break-in while touring NYC, wherein all of your-all’s precious Tall-size clothing had been stolen; Tom & Mary’s efforts to make it to Denver for my son Luke’s wedding in 1983; and all those chummy, rowdy Widmer Family Reunions throughout the decades, riotous with hyperactive teenaged cousins & chuckling adult cousins.
    Mary, Amy, Keith, & Lory, it has been my privilege to get a share of your-all’s beloved Tom, of your Dad. I wish you peace now in knowing the benevolent effects he left behind him in this world.

  3. Cousin Steve Widmer says:

    I have little to say except that I loved my Cousin Tom…and his wonderful wife, Mary, and children Amy, Keith & Lory. Tom was my aviation mentor during my 42 yrs. in Alaska! He encouraged my flying, even helped me look for the occasional rare bush plane part(s)! Tom & Mary’s visit to AK was special to my sons. His love for me was obvious…I tearfully say BYE for now Tom! Love ya Cuz

  4. Paula Smith says:

    I was sad to learn of Tom’s passing. He worked with my late husband, Steve, at McDonnell Douglas in the 70’s and 80’s. They enjoyed playing golf and Steve considered Tom a good friend. Tom also made my son,Brad, a customized set of golf clubs which was very special.
    My condolences and prayers go to Mary and the entire Widmer family with the loss of this kind, wonderful man.

  5. Dee Ella Dorey says:

    I am grateful for Uncle Tom’s life; the wonderful children he raised;as well as the full life he created with Aunt Mary. My condolences to his family and friends.