Jeanne A. Million

Jeanne A. Million

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Jeanne A. Million was called home February 8, 2019.  After enduring an illness that slowly robbed her of herself, she has finally found peace.  Loved and respected by many, she helped to quench everyone’s thirst for knowledge and always had a helping hand for anyone who asked.  She is survived by her son, Kenneth W. Slayor, a.k.a. Robert T. Ensley, her daughter, Elisabeth Million-Costello, and her granddaughter Duana Davis, a.k.a. Jenn.
Extended Family Barbara Biondo, Brian Nickel, Sean Gibbons, Mathew Lawrence, Bradley Lawrence, Karen Millican, Robert and Virginia Richardson, Kendra Phan, Steve and Alicia Feldman, and one very protective cat guardian named Raven.
Even though we are saddened by the loss of such a bright and wonderful soul, we are joyful that she has found her peace and has been rewarded for her selfless throughout her life.  We ask that in remembrance of this dearly departed soul that when you think of her please play some New Orleans’ Jazz as is the tradition of our family.  May her light forever guide all of us in our future endeavors.

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  1. VLC says:

    To the family of Ms Million my heartfelt condolences. As a member of the community I want to extend a word of comfort. May we all aspire to follow her example in giving to others. Even if it is just a listening ear. Then we will come to know the truth of Jesus’ words at Acts 20:35, “there is more happiness in giving that receiving.”

  2. JoAnne Chiu says:

    Our thoughts and Prayers with your family at this time