Daniel J. Ossendorf, Jr.

Daniel J. Ossendorf, Jr.

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Daniel J. Ossendorf Jr., age 33 died on February 10, 2018 in St. Charles, MO. Dan is survived by his mother Betty Hynes of St. Charles, MO; his father Daniel Ossendorf, of Lake of Ozarks; Matt & Betty Hynes, (grandparents), Jerry & Barb Petersen (great aunt and uncle); Matt & Sharon Hynes; Mark & Mary Grace Hynes; aunts and uncles, cousins Kelly & Mike Steinway; Jill & Joe Klenc; Lindsay Hynes; Kristen & Keevin Kujawa; Jeff & Molly Hynes; Life long friends Brian, Cody, Nick, Luke, Jr, Rich, Lisa, and a host of other friends and family. He is preceded in death by his Paternal Grandparents Joe & Laverne Ossendorf, of St. Louis, MO; his cousin, Abbie Hynes of Florissant, MO and too many friends.

Dan, was born on 10/26/1984 in Creve Coeur, MO to parents Betty Hynes, and Daniel Ossendorf. He graduated from Francis Howell Central High School in St. Charles.

Dan was a fun loving man who was deeply into the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, and Nascar for the majority of his life. He enjoyed anything with wheels, from bicycles to cars (running or not). His family and friends will always remember him as a loving person (my Monkey).

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  1. Jennifer Bailey says:

    Words cannot express this loss. Most of my childhood memories include him. He will be greatest missed and my thoughts and prayers are with all of his family and friends.

  2. Susie Bailey Kopp says:

    Words can not express the depth of sorrow I feel about this young man’s passing. We loved Danny and the memories of the little boy who lived next door. Danny and Jennifer were best friends. Betty we love you! You were always there for Danny and a terrific mother. He will be missed.

  3. Angela Howell says:

    Danny: Your kindness abounds, even though you’re no longer on the earth. May our Holy Heavenly Father hold you in His Mighty, Mighty arms forever- until we see you again. I have known you as my childhood friend and play mate onto my friend also as an adult. I’ve known you for more than a third of my life waaay back to when we were 10 years old. You have this contagious and great smile- ear to ear. Thank you for showing me your happiness! My father trusted you as his go-to man with anything he needed help with- and with an awesome smile, you were always right there to help him. Thank you for showing me kindness. I’ll never forget coming to chill with you on Christmas Day and we watched A Christmas Story and talked. Good talks! A piece of my heart is with you. All the memories, Danny. Memories are not the end, though. We all will be catchin’ up with you with big hugs when it’s our time to see ya! Love to you. Love to your family and all who know you. Prayers lifted up for you and for your fam!


  4. Jonathan Newnham says:

    Dan is one of the greatest people I have ever met. A man who would help you without hesitation. A true friend, son, and human being. Forever in my thoughts. May God watch over him in heaven and watch his friends and family.

  5. Jason Wood says:

    We had some good times Dan. Thanks for being a friend.

  6. Mary e guthrie says:

    Im so sorry for ur loss betty prayers r sent im here if need me for anything..love ya

  7. Joan Napier says:

    So sorry for your lost Betty my prayers to you and your family

  8. Don Weiss says:

    So sorry for your loss, sending prayers to the family.

    Don and Stephanie

  9. Cody Ernst says:

    Dan was the greatest friends a person could ask for. We have been with each other through anything life could throw at us. Have a rough break up? I have an idea….car show. What do you know, it worked. From being my top choice to have on a 400 foot cell phone tower (because I wanted it done right the first time.) Or finding a clutch for my ’87 Daytona after racing Rommell through traffic…oops. From all night COD Modern Warfare marathons, to riding the mini superbikes around day or night terrorizing the Vineyards. Shooting squirrels out the window while on the toilet. Fixing any and everything… Usually because we broke it. And who could forget, bowling, bowling, and that one thing we used to do EVERY day, oh yeah, I think it was called bowling. Midnight e-brake turns in a 95 escort station wagon, superbike wheelies, minibike wheelies and BMX bike wheelies. Who needs two wheels? Not Dan. Weekend bonfires at Nick Thomczak’s house weren’t complete unless Dan was jumping through the fire on his bike. “Does anybody smell burning hair?” was not uncommon to hear on a Saturday night. I’ll never forget Ds95prelude, or 316 APX ( his thunderbird’s licence plate and password to log onto the upstairs computer so I could binge watch House. I will never forget endless Call of Duty, paired with endless Jacks frozen pizzas and endless ice cold Mountain Dew. Amped energy drinks and spicy chicken taquitos off the roller grill every morning on the way to U.S. Tower. Smokey and the Bandit on the big screen, subs turned up to 11 for that second gear scratch after bandit picks up the bride. Backstage at the St. Louis auto show. Monster trucks at the dome. Turning the boost up to 30 psi in my Daytona, just for fun. No air filter….no problem! Goodbye motor. But it was worth the laughs. And it went REALLY fast for the last hour of its life. I left my wallet on the dash of the thunderbird once, leaving Jack n the Box, window down, kicking it sideways, with a cig in his mouth, a taco in one hand, steering wheel in the other caught my wallet as it flew in slow motion out his window. Threw it on the seat, corrected the slide, shifted, and away we went. I remember everything we ever did. I will never forget. How could I? You are with me every day. Probably just to laugh at me but i’ll take what I can get. My life wouldn’t have been the same without him in it. And everybody he ever met, comes away better having known him. Love you brother. I miss you everyday. Vroom!!! RACECAR change lanes. Oh shit! Hold on this is gonna be fun!!!

  10. Terri Nash says:

    I have been praying since I heard the sad news. You and your family are in my constant thoughts too. Please know I am here for anything you need any time.

  11. Thomas Edward Guthrie says:

    You will be truly missed and my heart goes out to your mother I will miss you not working on my cars and being around you Thomas

  12. Jeff Lamatina says:

    I’ve never met Dan Jr but valued working with his father, and feel the need to say I’m sorry for your loss.

  13. Joey A Amos says:

    Dan will always be remembered for an easy smile, and a conversation about The Redbird’s.
    Another friend of mine who I’ll see on the other side.
    My sincerest condolences to The Ossendorf family! Words are never enough! I’m terribly sorry for your loss and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
    Joseph A Amos

  14. Dave Loran says:


    We had made it thru some tough times together and have talked about spending some good times in the future fishing and working on car projects. I am truly sorry we will have to put that off until we meet again, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers … Good Bye My Friend …………..Dave

  15. Nicholas Reynolds says:

    I miss you Dan. I truly do I know that you’re better off you’re with friends but it really hurts here. Love you always and forever. Till we meet again brother till we meet again

  16. Teresa Reynolds says:


    I really know how you feel losing a son and my heart aches for you. Please know you were a great Mom and Dan is now at peace and is roaming the beautiful paradise we call heaven with our John. May you find peace, I know it will be hard, but one day it will come. I am truly heart broken another child has lost their life. Sending you lots if hugs and my sincere condolences.