Annette Marie Vaillancourt

Annette Marie Vaillancourt

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IMG_1074On Friday, January 20, 2017, the lovely Annette Marie Vaillancourt peacefully passed into eternity.

Annette’s beautiful complexities truly defined her professionally and in her personal life. She always made a lasting and loving impression on all she met.

As a Ph.D. Pychotherapist, Annette was quick to help others grow mentally and physically, making her a genuine friend to humanity.

Annette’s independent lifestyle carved a unique path through life leaving her loving imprint on every person and every project she touched, even as she faced her mortality.

Annette is survived by her sister Kathy Vaillancourt in Michigan and a world full of friends who are better for knowing her.


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  1. Alina says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Annette was a remarkable person. Our prayers and with you

  2. Kim Kirmmse Toth says:

    Annette has been a friend since we both met at Mentor Coach many, many years ago.
    I am so sorry she has passed, but she is in heaven now, totally healthy, with other family and friends.
    I am still in shock that she is gone.
    I am sorry Kathy. Its one thing losing are parents. Its an entire different thing, losing your sister.
    Love, Kim

  3. Tammy Porter says:

    Because of Annette, I found my strength, my voice, and learned to love myself for all my faults. She was there for me when no one else could be, with a heart of gold. She helped me change my life and I will never forget her.
    I am truly sorry for the pain of her loss to her friends, colleagues, and family who loved her.
    God has a beautiful new angel. <3

  4. Paul Deming says:

    Annette was a friend and a champion spirit. She always knew exactly what she wanted and was not afraid to go after it. She authored a book, played violin, studied karate, and was a good friend to many, many people. She will be missed.

  5. Danielle says:

    This just breaks my heart in so many ways for so many reasons. The world will suffer for the loss of her.
    Such a bright spirit.

  6. Lynne Klippel says:

    Annette was a beautiful soul and true friend to the world. She will be missed and never forgotten. I am so glad she is free now and in the arms of God, whom she loved dearly. I can see her dancing now.

  7. Donna Warwick says:

    To the family,
    Annette was such a force of positivity on Facebook. I know she wanted very much to dedicate her life to helping others. Even in her illness, she helped us see many things about ourselves; our shining sides and our shadows. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Annette helped me understand how important it is to tell others if you are lonely. She was brave when she did that. I know her soul will be cuddled and loved in Heaven. Much love, Donna

  8. Judy Vidakovich says:

    Annette made a huge difference in my life! I did years of therapy with her, and she helped me overcome some childhood trauma. We kept in touch after our therapy work was complete. She was a highly gifted, sincere, warm, healing presence in this world. She truly made an imprint in humanity.

  9. Sue DeSanto says:

    Oh, I’m so sad. I met Annette at a Energy Psychology Conference and we stayed in touch. I have been following her and I just found out she passed. My heart and prayers go out to her friends and family.

  10. April Young says:

    Have just within the hour discovered we’very lost our dear friend. My heart aches. She spoke many times of fearing she wouldn’t fulfill her purpose for being here, but hundreds of people all over the world know she did, even as she herself doubted her effectiveness. Now that she has all the wisdom of the universe, I pray she can accept how loved she was.

  11. Louise Vaughn says:

    Annette saved me emotionally and spiritually. She was a wonderful soul. She left a signed book for me and said next time she was down she would make sure I got it. If whoever deals with her office I would love the remembrance

  12. Veronica says:

    May Jesus bless her soul. For this amazing woman’s family. I am so sorry for your loss.

  13. Kevin Renick says:

    I am so, so sorry to hear this news. I just found out, and I feel like crying. I attended one of Annette’s film group gatherings and had a great time. We were casually friendly, and then early in her diagnosis, I discussed renting a room from her when we both needed a roommate. At the time, it did not appear her condition was so bad. We did not end up becoming roommates, but I truly hoped she would recover and be one of the people who showed that cancer CAN be beat. I am just without words. She was a very gifted, kind, intelligent, dedicated person. The world has lost a real good one, sadly. Grieving. Condolences to her family…

  14. Mike Dierker says:

    I was most sadden with the news of Annette’s passing, she was a good friend and a most spiritual person. I met Annette in 2012 when I attended the Meetup’s she hosted at her home. Over the years we would keep in touch but now I wished we had kept closer contact. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

  15. Janice Palesch says:

    To Annette’s family, I just this minute learned that Annette has left us, and I am so terribly sorry to know that she is gone. I met her in 2015 when she so very generously hosted “Inspirational Movie Night” in her home through the Meetups System. She always found the most uplifting, encouraging, and self-strengthening movies, to enable us to learn new ways of seeing and thinking as we made our journey through this life. Her warmth and genuine friendliness complimented the movies she provided for us. I had hoped the Annette would recover, and I attended and volunteered at the fundraiser for her at the Church of the Open Word in 2016, in an effort to contribute to her extraordinary medical costs. I had kept in contact with her after that, but not as much as I should have. That is the reason I’ve just now learned that she has passed. I want to thank her gracious spirit for helping me find comfort in her movies at a time when I had not yet gotten over the death of my mother, my very best friend. Annette was sort of a lifeline to me when I was completely alone and needed one. May you ever be at peace, and may your journey have earned you something fabulously good. Many of us are better for your life having intersected with ours.

  16. Ellen Ramsey says:

    My time with Annette as my counselor is something that I will always
    value so much.
    She was always open and willing to listen, respond and help. And I just liked her immensely as a person.
    I knew that she was ill, but we lost touch with each other. I just learned of her passing today. So very sad.
    R.I.P. Annette.