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Sister Carol Reeb

Sister Carol Reeb

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Sister Carol Reeb

Fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church on Friday Nov. 23rd , 2007

Sister Carol is survived by her father, Raymond (the late Helen) Reeb, of Wichita, Kansas; three sisters, Sue (Myron) Willhite of Leon, Kansas, Rosie (Lester) Brungardt of Wichita, and Barbara (Kit) Bergman of Overland Park: ans a brother, Richard (Christine ) Reeb of Madison Wisconsin.

She survived by other relatives living in Belleville, Mascoutah and Chicago, Il.

Carol was a School Sister of Notre Dame and beloved sister of the community.
Carol Reeb was born in Belleville, Il on October 13, 1949. She is the oldest daughter of Raymond and Helen Reeb. She entered the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1967. Carol taught science in Junior High and High School from 1971 to 1999. She taught at St. Peter’s in St. Charles, MO, Quincy Notre Dame in Quincy, IL, St. Anthony’s High School in Effingham, IL, and Bishop Conaty High School in Los Angeles, CA. She was a dedicated and inspiring teacher who cared deeply about the students and brought out the best in them.

In 1999 Carol was elected to the Provincial Council of the St. Louis Province of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She served in leadership until this past June. She saw this ministry as a sacred trust and gave herself completely to the work, encouraging and supporting the sisters, working tirelessly on committees, and promoting a deepening spirituality for all. She was a woman of great faith and love. Even in her illness her love of God and care of her soul deepened.

Carol was a woman fully in love with life. She was most at home in the natural world and would often walk in Jefferson Barracks Park to clear her mind and her soul after a long day of work. She loved camping and planned her vacation and even retreat times to be out in nature.

Her favorite holiday was Halloween and she always planned some interesting costume even up to a few weeks before her death. She organized Halloween parties each year with her community.

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  1. janet leporin says:

    s. carol she was already and angel

  2. Joann Nowak, O.S.F. says:

    Carol was a delightful person, which I witnessed while being on the Intercommunity Ecological Council with her. I’m glad to have known her.

  3. Sr. Rose Ann Ficker says:

    S. Carol had a very special joy about her which exuded from her always. Though I didn’t know her well I felt her great positive spirit. My special sympathy to her family and to the St. Louis Province, especially the recent leadership team. May she help you through the pain of her physical absence.

  4. Cathy Vetter, CCVI says:

    Carol has been a woman of delight and inspiration. I grieve with all at her death but rejoice with her in her glory. My sympathy to her family and her community.

  5. Vicki Speno Kilgarriff says:

    Carol was an SSND classmate…a woman of drive, determination, commitment, love for the earth and for her friends and community. Her death is a loss for us; her life was a gift for us. I’m really glad I got to see her briefly last month at our SSND reunion in St. Louis. My condolences to her family and to her SSND community.

  6. Jean Schmid, SSND says:

    Carol – we will miss you and your smiling presence. Thanks for all you did for us and meant to us.

    Love, Jean

  7. Benita Sohm says:

    I treasure the day Carol knocked on my window this fall and came to rest for a few minutes in my Campus Ministry Office at Notre Dame High School. I have many happy memories of Carol from SSND formation days! It was impossible to feel bad in Carol’s presence, and she always made me smile. I am grateful to have another friend in heaven. My prayers are with her family, fiends and ND Sisters! Benita Sohm

  8. Fran Dotta says:

    Carol remains a gift. A woman who was able to listen and be compassionate. A woman who was able to see the joy in life and to focus on the good and the possibilities no matter what. Carol appreciated the good people in her life. Yeah, Carol, you made it and thank you for YOU!

  9. Carol Ann Simon, SSND Associate says:

    You are and will always be an inspiration as a beloved daughter of Mother Theresa. Thank you.

  10. Audrey Olson, CSJ says:

    I knew Carol through the Intercommunity Ecological Council. She was a wonderful woman. I enjoyed riding with her to Godfrey, IL and also planning our evaluation day last year. I’m sure she is enjoying Light and Life.

  11. Kathy Schmittgens says:

    I have so many good memories of Carol that it is hard to choose which to write. We began our friendship going to science conventions together. We kidded Carol cause she “wasn’t too sure about calculators and computers.” We called her a “dinosaur” back in the 80’s. She sure caught up and became a “techie”, especially in these months of her illness. When I moved to California we became really good friends and shared many great times camping, at the ocean, at Sea World or just on the patio. But I came to know the depth of the person Carol was in the past four years as we worked together on the provincial council. Carol was my mentor, sounding board, soul sister, inspiration and release valve. We had gut wrenching decisions to make, difficult situations to analyze, meetings to plan, celebrations to organize. It was always a pleasure to work with Carol. And after the work, she knew how to create hilarious entertainment. We had great times together as a Council, which made all the rest easier and life-giving. You are in my heart, Carol.

  12. Janet Kuciejczyk says:

    I worked with Carol on the Marian Middle School Board and the Intercommunity Ecological Council.
    She was always such a delight and she asked thoughtful and penetrating questions. She will be greatly missed. My prayers and sympathy to her family and community.

  13. Jan Berberich says:

    Carol – Reebo -as we fondly called her. She was a classmate a friend and one you could just be yourself with. Her laughter and fun loving nature always put you at ease. In the last months I helped her put together her family video gift. She was getting pretty good at the computer program and wanted to do it herself! Carol, you have been an inspiration and a sign of hope. You are rejoicing with Theresa and Caroline.Now it is your turn to pray for all of us! Thanks for your gift of life. You always made me smile.

  14. Carol Jean Dust, SSND says:

    I thank God for your LIFE, Carol, and for the continued hope your intercession brings to me. You mentored me into my first teaching ministry in St. Charles with challenges that rooted me as an SSND educator. You taught my little brother at St. Anthony’s and so beautifully touched his life. You delighted with my Dad in eating chocolate pinwheel cookies! You so graciously and enthusiastically lived your leadership in our province and once again mentored me in so many ways. You continue to live faithfully and vibrantly in my heart as the flowers you so recently gave me now continue to live vibrantly in our chapel. I am so grateful for the gift you have been, the gift you are, faithful SSND daughter of Theresa ………blessed be God!

  15. Martha Alderson says:

    Carol has been a bright light of cheer and loveliness every time I have seen her, and I am sure that was true in every gathering she took part in. I knew her through the Intercommunity Ecological Council and value every comment, every question, every laugh she shared with us.

    My deepest sympathy to Carol’s family, by birth and the SSNDs!


  16. Linda Markway, CSJ says:

    I got to know Carol through the “young sisters” gatherings here in St. Louis. Later, a group of us came together monthly to share our lives and prayer over a delicious dinner and a CHOCOLATE DESSERT! There are so many wonderful memories of our time together that I couldn’t begin to list them all. I am just so very grateful for the heartprints Carol has made for me. I continue to keep her family, friends and the SSND community in my prayer at this time.

  17. Jeff Lanphear says:

    Richard and family,

    I know your sister only from the slides but it seems she loved and was loved, greatly. I wish I could have known her. I imagine that smile is still beeming!

    Jeff Lanphear

  18. Marya Pohlmeier says:

    My sympathy to the SSND community and to S. Carol’s family. I enjoyed the special presence S. Carol brought to the memorial celebrations at Anna House while she was part of provincial leadership. I’m sure those sisters are meeting S. Carol with welcome arms.

  19. Peter Benoist says:

    Sr. Carol was one who truly lived St. Francis’s prayer. It was an honor and blessing to have known her and had the opportunity to work with her on Marian Middle School. She was a friend that I will sorely miss. May God Bless her and her SSND family.

  20. Kay Corser says:

    I had the honor and privilege of meeting Sister (Aunt) Carol at the wedding of Kent and Amy which was held on June 28, 2003. Aunt Carol and I sat together at the rehearsal dinner held the night before and what a wonderful visit and chat we had. Our mouths never stopped and I shall cherish that memory for the remainder of my years.

    I saw Carol at little Dylan’s birthday party held in Wichita on the weekend of July 13th. She sparkled and once again, what fun we had sharing about our families and how proud she was to have such a loving family to surround her.

    In my years of meeting many individuals that are unique in wonderful ways, Carol will always be at the top of LIST. She is the brightest star in the heavens at this time and for always. What a true and faithful servant she was and is to our awesome GOD. I know that she is kneeling before His Throne of Grace as I write this tribute to a wonderful and kind lady who put everything and or everyone above and before herself.

    Aunt Carol’s smile will always feel my heart with joy. How exuberant and joyful she was to be around and I know that when she stood in the presence of our LORD, he reached out His HAND and said these words, “Work well done thou good and faithful servant. YOU may enter into your MASTER’S happiness”.

    I Miss YOU Aunt Carol. Thank you for being so kind and loving to me an my family.

    In His Love,

    Kay Corser

  21. phyllis cole says:

    Sister Carol,we will truly miss you and all that you contribute to the Marian Middle School. May you rest peacefully in God’s arms.

  22. Shelley Hogan, SSND says:

    Carol has been a special companion on the journey for me since 1999 when she became my contact person on the Provincial Council, as well as my classmate and friend. Her unwavering support and understanding, her trust and good humor, her deep spirituality and commitment was the light I needed in the darkness. It was a special privilege to walk with her these last six months and to hear her proclaim, “Your Nana had it right; you can’t have too much fun.” I see her now, sharing that awesome smile and meeting and greeting all those she loved and cared for in her 58 years, where eye has not seen and ear has not heard what God has ready for those who love.

  23. Nancy Sylvester, IHM says:

    Carol began participating in Engaging Impasse: Circles of Contemplation and Dialogue last December. She was an impressive woman so full of life and insight. Before our second gathering her cancer had returned and we all hoped she would be present as we meet for the third and final time next week. We will remember her in a special way when we gather. Her life was a gift to us and to women religious everywhere. I give thanks that our lives intersected if only for a brief time.

  24. Rita Schonhoff says:

    My memories of Carol go back to Notre Dame Academy, Belleville, Illinois, and senior English Class! Her smile was beautiful then, and, from the accompanying picture, has grown more radiant through the years. I like to imagine it as she meets Jesus face to face.

  25. Sister Marie Kevin Brothers, SSND says:

    I write this with respect, love and gratitude. I thank her for all her kindnesses to me, especially inviting and chauffering me to the many Marian Middle School events. She always included me. I remember well the pride in her eyes as she, with the reps from the other founding communities, blessed each congregation’s banner and the crowd at the Sept. 2006 dedication ceremony of Marian Middle School’s new home.
    Peace and joy forever, Carol!

  26. Ann Patricia O'Connor,CSJ says:

    To All Carol’s loved ones:

    We met only a year ago at the Engaging Impasse program in Cleveland. Carol entered into our time together with heart and sincerity. Her spirit was with us in our May session as we prayed and remembered her from first gathering. Her openness, laugh and energetic participation will long be remembered. However, I know she will be present with us in a NEW way next week as we come together, again, to conclude our program.
    Thank you, Carol, for sharing yourself with so many; may God’s welcome be with a smile like you the one you gave to others.

    Love, Annie O

  27. Judith Ann Bell, FSM says:

    My deepest sympathy to Carol’s family and her SSND family. Carol was a wonderfully delightful, full spirited individual who llived and loved life and all her blessings to the fullest. I treasure the 5 years I shared with Carol on the Intercommunity Ecological Council; her passion for care of our planet Earth was inspirational. I hope she is enjoying platefuls of brownies – a treat she shared when hosting our group…shalom be yours, Carol!

  28. Carole Shinnick, SSND says:

    I know that Carol is free but her passing is a terrible loss. As so many have said, she was in love with life engaged others in living it to the hilt. Carol and her group, “Sisters of the Earth” wrote to LCWR in 2002 asking for an assembly on the theme of ecology and the next year we held “Tending the Holy” in Detroit. She served on the planning committee for the 2006 Atlanta Assembly. And she lost a bet to me on the Red Sox-Cardinals world series. I got a Ted Drewes sundae out of that one! The world is poorer without Carol. Special love to Joanne, Pat, Celine and Kathy who loved her into new life.

  29. DOROTHY POUND says:


  30. JoAnn ( Bevolo ) Quinn says:

    Being with Carol was always a positive experience. We did our student teaching at Notre Dame in Quincy. It is a privilege to be a classmate of Carol’s. I will never forget during our novitiate when she read the burning brassiere! I still laugh out loud when I see her at the podium saying those words. Thanks, Carol

  31. Gina Gardewine says:

    I was one of the fortunate ones to have Sister Carol as a homeroom teacher and religion teacher. She brought her smile and sense of humor with her no matter the situation. Her passion was evident in her teaching. She will be missed!

  32. Pearl Scheve says:

    “Hey Reeb”! I can still hear Kathy Wegman calling that out when I was lucky enough to live & teach with you & the crowd in Effingham. I was blessed when we crossed paths again for Marian Middle School. You’ve been our big champion and a visionary since the Formation Board and a helping set of hands when it was time to paint and clean. You were a wise voice and loving heart serving on the Board of Directors, Members Board and Membership Committee. Most of all you’ve prayed, supported and smiled us into the wonderful educational experience we are today. You’ve touched the lives of so many here and for that we are grateful. I know you’re still smiling/beaming down on us. We’ll do our best to make you proud. Our volleyball team cheer is “MMS let’s do our best”. We can now say “Carol Reeb, you did your best!” as you live in eternal joy with God!

  33. Dotty Clark, rscj says:

    It was a gift and a pleasure to know you. I thank you for your many generosities, your love for earth, your sisters and humankind in general. It is a better place here because you lived and loved here. Thank you.

  34. Barbara Bboedeker SSNd says:

    Carol,your were such ablessing to me. your constant smile and sense of humor was terrific.Your great courage in the last days were an inspiration to me.

  35. Mary Ellen King says:

    I received a copy of the SSND “Currents” today in the mail. I was saddened to learn of Carol’s passing. Seems like only yesterday we were sitting in grade school classes together at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Belleville, Illinois. I knew she would touch many lives. She was a great student and caring friend to all. My sympathy to her friends and families.