J. Gayle King, founder of St. Louis Cremation, started his professional career in the funeral industry by washing cars for a local funeral home. Years later he started his own funeral home in Clayton, Missouri, in 1984. Since then, St. Louis Cremation has grown to its current status as Missouri’s oldest and largest provider of cremation services, operating near historic LafayetteSquare in downtown St. Louis since 1993.

Gayle, a licensed funeral director and embalmer, brought his sons into the business.  Oliver in 2000 and Justin in 2006.  Thanks to Oliver & Justin carrying on the famly tradition, Gayle has been able to retire and live in Phoenix full time. It was during that transition that St. Louis Cremation, which previously extended its services primarily to other funeral homes, expanded its services to the public.  Six years later Gayle’s youngest son, Justin, came in to the business.

As a licensed funeral home, St. Louis Cremation can do much more than the name implies. Its services, more extensive than typical funeral homes, include on-site cremation, transportation of donated remains to medical schools, traditional burial services, and veterans services, to name a few.

Not all funeral homes can offer on-site services (especially with regard to cremation), but St. Louis Cremation can.  On-site cremation services and a goal to reduce funeral costs are just two of the many reasons you’ll want to discover more about St. Louis Cremation, whose mission statement is: “To go beyond what is expected and provide compassionate service to our community by treating them as we would our own during their time of loss and grief.”

St. Louis Cremation Justin, Gayle, Oliver

Justin, Gayle, and Oliver King

St. Louis Cremation Gayel and Susan

Gayle and Susan King

St. Louis Cremation Gayle King

Gayle King and his family.

St. Louis Cremation Oliver King

Oliver King and his family.

St. Louis Cremation Justin King

Justin King and his family.